History without words

histoire sans parole    geschiedenis zonder woorden   geschichte onhe worden

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my_mother        my father




Homo sum, humani nil humani a me alienum puto


1962                          1964


yes1    in the tropics  zaffelare


1966        1968



bmx    engels peerd


shit  shaving


into the mood     yes2


plechtige communie  para  working


in the tank  at school


on the road      class of 1974


the blues

tug of war-koordtrekken  tug of war/ the fighting


cold   in serious problems  1970



on the ground  on top of it   again I sing


descending the rock   on stage


in the air  1966  jumping out

penza 2008  Artillery Battery Para Commando

On the assembly line  The wedding

stone in 2009      La dernière heure 1977

Finnish(sage) Kemijärvi

with Natasha    Vättis 2009

Maurizio and I Penza 2009  Sailor  

reflection09  Loading the work of art


model in regional magazine                   newspaperabout domesticus

t-shirt with russian sculpture  On the cat crow

With Wolfgang Stübner

Frankischer Tag  18/07/2010



My melody

Thailand china


happy 2011

Lissf- Running for the bus     Lochristi International Sculpture Symposium -Running for the line bus-

snake dance in Urumqi  luch in Karamay

stone carving


In My hallabia




to be continued

on the terras         walking in Russia


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